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Jan 7th, 2013

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Tuesday 1.8.13

THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP Sleep is often overlooked in the pursuit of our body composition and performance goals. But, if you aren’t making sleep a priority, you are not going to reach your goals. Check out this great article from the CrossFit Journal… Make Your Life Better. Get Horizontal┬áby Emily Beers (mandatory reading for all […]

Nov 14th, 2012

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Thursday 11.15.12

ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP? When I’m working with people who are trying to improve their body composition, this is one of the questions they hear from me on a regular basis. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can undermine some of the best efforts to eat well and exercise consistently. There are three […]

Oct 22nd, 2012

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Tuesday 10.23.12

GOT SLEEP? You’ve got your WODs scheduled and your meals planned for the week. You’ve got two thirds of equation taken care of. What about sleep? If your sleep is regularly interrupted or you often get less than 8 hours a night, you might not be getting the full benefit of your food and exercise […]


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