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Sep 3rd, 2012

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Tuesday 9.4.12

Why should I supplement if I’m eating Paleo?  A common misperception about eating paleo is the belief that supplementing is no longer necessary. If I am eating so healthy, why do I have to take extra vitamins? I’ve never eaten healthier, what could I possibly be missing? You mean all of these dark leafy greens […]

Aug 27th, 2012

Category: CrossFit CDR
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Tuesday 8.28.12

I read this today and wanted to share it with the CDR community. This came from a Facebook post by the folks at Whole9… The simple absence of grains or dairy or whathaveyou in stuff you eat doesn’t make it “Paleo”. A Paleo way of life is about choosing to partake in a “nutrient-dense life”, […]


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