Saturday 5.10.14

May 10th, 2014

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Saturday 5.10.14

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I reflect on all those times my mother was there for me, and to be honest, I have put her through more things than I care to admit. Throughout all of my sicknesses, injuries, surgeries, lost games, heart breaks, disappointments, mistakes, and failures, my mom has always been right by my side. Even when  I didn’t think I needed her help, her advice, and her love, it didn’t take long before I was reaching out for her and she welcomed me with open arms and an open heart. She has never abandoned me and her love for me has never faded. My mom has always encouraged me and never said I wasn’t smart enough, strong enough, or good enough. She helped me grow into the person that I am today, and I owe all of my successes in my life to her. She is the most kind and caring person that I know, and with her in my life, I know that I can accomplish anything. I hope that on Sunday you honor your mothers and just simply tell them thank you for all that they do, because raising children is the hardest job on earth.

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Here are some CDR moms look’n good! Happy Mother’s Day!

Hulda Crooks Park WOD!

Please meet us at the park promptly at 9 am so we can have a quick warm-up before the workout. Do not forget to bring some water, sunscreen, and your red CDR shirt!

Sign up for class here!


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