Saturday 3.29.14

Mar 29th, 2014

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Saturday 3.29.14

Inner Box Battle is Here!!!

Heat List

  • Heat 1: Jill, Baca, Julie, Holly, Tammy, Jami, Danielle, Andrea, Lizzy, Priscilla
  • Heat 2: Susan, Shelby, Ally, Marie, Liz, Mayna, Kayla, Chase, Jocelin, Sharon, Shawna
  • Heat 3: Heidi, Renee, Tiff, Christie, Stone, Barlow, Tim, Jason, Brian, Charlie, Stokes
  • Heat 4: Stanis, Shaila, Dinesh, Harmony, McIvor, Arden, Tony, Jared, Roger, Gabe, Nate
  • Heat 5: Irving/Matt, Steve/Dre, Carpenter/Juan, Daniel/Farrell, Danny/Imbriani, Josh/Andy

Timeline and Workouts

Athlete Checkin-in: 7:00 am

WOD 1 Briefing: 7:30 am

WOD 1: “Fourteen Point Four”: Rx=95/65 Inter=75/45

Heat Times: 1) 8:00    2)8:20    3) 8:40    4) 9:00    5) 9:20

Break: 9:45-10:00 and Briefing for WOD 2

WOD 2: “Skill & Burn”: The team has 10 minutes total to find a one rep max Clean & Jerk and Snatch (any style). One partner must do clean and Jerk other partner must do snatch.


Each will perform max effort back squats at BW for men and 3/4 BW for women

Heat Times: 1/2) 10:15    3/4) 10:30    5) 10:45

Break: 10:40-11:00 and Briefing for WOD 3

WOD 3: “All Style Chipper”:

  • 2 Mile Run
  • 75 Pull-ups/75 Calorie Row (Inter Women will get to choose one band and 50 total reps pull-ups)
  • 300 DUs/Power Cleans Adv=135/95 Inter= 95/65 (Sub plate hops with medball for DUs)

Heat Times 1/2) 11:15-11:45    3/4) 11:35-12:05    5) 11:55-12:25

Awards: 1:00

This is a tentative schedule and time may be extended. Please make sure that you show up with plenty of time to check-in and warm-up. You will be able to set up tents outside of the east bay door. There will be some cool vendors and food will be provided by Corner Butcher, and we will have plenty Kill Cliffs, Perfect Food Bars, Aqua Hydrates! We will begin the first heat promptly as stated above!

Judges and Volunteers!

All judges and volunteers please be here by 7 am and wear one new logo red CDR shirt and black bottoms!


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