Saturday 3.15.14

Mar 15th, 2014

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Saturday 3.15.14

“Welcome to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice”

-Unknown CrossFitter

I want to say welcome and congratulations to many our of new members that have recently become a part of the CDR Community. You have chosen a box that prides itself on fitness, healthy eating, faith, and most importantly a sense of community and family. We are truly blessed to come into this box everyday and work with each and every one of you. You all have decided to take that next step in your life, by deciding that getting fit and healthy is a priority. This decision is not always easy, and it definitely come with sacrifice, but the gains, achievements, and friendships made here are worth it. YOU make CDR what it is, and we encourage you to keep on choosing the more difficult path, instead of the easy way out!

Open Workout 14.3!

Once again, we will be hosting the 3rd open workout at 10 am! All registered and non-registered Open athletes are encouraged to attend and tackle this next HQ creation! If you aren’t competing, you are still welcome to come and judge or cheer on these awesome and hardworking athletes!

Workout of the Day

Open Workout 14.3

8 min AMRAP

10 Deadlifts #135/95

15 BJ #24/20

15 Deadlifts #185/135

15 BJ #24/20

20 Deadlifts #225/155

15 BJ #24/20

25 Deadlifts #275/185

15 BJ #24/20

30 Deadlifts #315/205

15 BJ #24/20

35 Deadlifts #365/225

15 BJ #24/20

Sign up for class here!


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