Saturday 3.1.14

Mar 1st, 2014

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Saturday 3.1.14

“An athlete is a normal person with the gift of an undying passion to be the best and achieve greatness.”

– Amanda Ring

Open Workout 14.1!

Tomorrow we will be hosting the 2014 CrossFit Open workout 14.1 at 10 am! We are inviting everyone, those who are registered for the Open and those who just want to come and have fun! If any friends from another box want to have their 14.1 workout judged, they are invited to join in tomorrow. There will be no rush to get everyone done at 11:00 am. There will be plenty of coaches and judges there to support you and help you achieve greatness! If you must leave at 11:00 am, please tell a coach, and we will have you go in the first couple of heats.

Go Team C-D-R!

There will still be group class at 8 am and CDR-dio at 9 am!

Workout of the Day


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