Saturday 12.21.13

Dec 21st, 2013

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Saturday 12.21.13

Did you know….

Christmas is less than 5 days away, and I know you all have been dying to read about some Christmas trivia…

  1. Canada is the largest exporter of Christmas trees.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt banned the use of Christmas trees in the White House.
  3. Instead of hanging stockings, people in the Netherlands hang shoes.
  4. Oklahoma was the last US state to declare Christmas an official holiday.
  5. The Coca-Cola company made the concept of Santa Claus popular in America.
  6. 3 billion Christmas cards are sent, on average, in the US each year.
  7. The department store, Montgomery Ward, created the character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in 1939.
  8. Electric lights were first hung on a tree in 1882, by Thomas Edison’s assistant Edward Johnson.
  9. The first artificial christmas tree was made in Germany by dying goose feathers green.
  10. Holly berries are poisonous.
  11. The abbreviation X-mas comes from the Greek letter X (Xristos), which means Christ.
  12. The tradition of kissing under Mistletoe was invented in Europe as a sign of fertility and love.
  13. The real St. Nick was born in Turkey, and was a Greek bishop who had a reputation for secret gift-giving.

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