Saturday 11.9.12

Nov 9th, 2013

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Saturday 11.9.12

Did you know….

Here are some little known facts about the sport we do everyday. CrossFit has grown exponentially since it first began in the early 1990s, and people all over the world are becoming addicted to its competition, results, camaraderie, and community. CrossFit has inspired all types of individuals to change their life through the passion and dedication of its coaches, and the encouragement of fellow CrossFit athletes. CrossFit is more than just a gym, it has become a place where people can find themselves and discover a passion for health, wellness, or even competition! The sport of CrossFit has no limits, so no matter if you are a Div. 1 football star or a stay-at-home mom, you can achieve what you never thought possible–so go out there and get some!

CrossFit “Fun Facts”

  • CrossFit, Inc. was founded in 2000
  • The first CrossFit affiliated gym opened in Santa Cruz in 1995.
  • The first CrossFit Games was held on a ranch in Northern California in 2007 and only had 70 athletes.
  • In the words of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, “Our specialty is not specializing.”
  • In 2005 there were only 13 affiliates and today there are over 6,100!
  • The prize money for the CrossFit Games in 2007 was $500. Today that figure has been bumped up to a whopping $275,000 for first place finishers for Individuals, and $40,000 for first place finishers in both the Team and Masters divisions.
  • CrossFit training has been implemented by numerous fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations around the world.
  • 1 min 53 seconds: Finish time of Jason Kaplan’s Record Setting Fran
  • Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain at 170 miles per hour while doing CrossFit.
  • Chris Spealler, 31, has achieved a record 106 max pull ups.
  • ”Kalsu”, a CrossFit Football WOD, is subjectively rated among CrossFitters as the worst and toughest WOD ever. “Kalsu” = 100 thrusters @ 135lbs for time, and every minute on the minute you must complete 5 burpees!
  • The stapedius muscle of the ear is the smallest, and generally considered the weakest,  muscle in the human body.  Based on weight, the hamstring runs a close second in most people as their weakest muscle.
  • One important benefit of Olympic weightlifting is that it teaches the body to fire all muscle fibers at once—to explode in a sense
  • Crossfit now offers 12 trainer courses, including strongman, striking, and defense!


Workout of the Day

Pull-up/Dip Complex

12 Min AMRAP

20 single arm KB OH lunges

20 situps

20 single arm KB OH lunges

20 burpees



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