Saturday 10.20.12

Oct 19th, 2012

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Saturday 10.20.12

CDR is Getting a New Look!

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Sometimes, we get so busy doing the things we do every day, our image fails to keep pace with the person we’re becoming. Ever wake up one day and realize its time for a new haircut? CDR has been busy growing and improving and evolving – and now its time for our image to reflect who we’ve become.

CDR started in Calvin and Rachel’s garage in 2009. They saw the potential for CrossFit to improve people’s lives and they went all in. Since that time, they’ve nurtured and grown CDR into a holistic approach to wellness that goes far beyond the basics of CrossFit. CDR has cultivated expert, professional coaches, who are also talented athletes. CDR has developed a program for anyone to improve their health and quality of life – without spending their life in a gym. CDR has helped people lose countless pounds, improve strength ¬†beyond what was thought possible, strengthen their mind and spirit, and learn life-long habits for wellness. And maybe most importantly, CDR has grown into a community of people, connected by sweat, effort, struggle, success, the desire to be better, and the call to help others.

To celebrate what CDR has become and what CDR will continue to be in the future, we’re getting a new logo. Soon, we’ll be unveiling the new logo, which will reflect our sense of community, connectedness, innovation, and our unique program for health and wellness. In addition to our new logo, there will be changes to our website. We are working on making our website more user friendly as well as communicating our updated image.

We’re excited about about this makeover and we can’t wait to unveil our new logo. We hope you’ll agree that it suits us a little better now that we’re all grown up. We’re quite attached to the current logo and it might be a hard adjustment at first. But we can always hang on to our old CDR shirts and refer to them as “vintage” or “old-school.” Every member can take pride in the fact that they’ve played a part in CDR becoming what it is today.


On the whiteboard!

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