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Different levels – RX, Modified, Masters










 Interested in becoming a CDR Member? Please contact:

951-377-3293 for more details!




What influences our price?

  • We are Redlands’ Original CrossFit and we have been in business since 2009. With the most experience in the Redlands and surrounding areas we have what it takes to help members improve their level of fitness while staying safe.
  • We offer up to 10 different class times a day and over 50 classes a week making it convenient for all different types of schedules and lifestyles. Our classes are led by experienced coaches, including CrossFit Games athletes, who have the ability to offer each member individualized coaching within each group class.
  • Our full-time, professional coaches work only for CrossFit CDR. This isn’t a hobby. more+
  • Coaches are required to intern alongside one of our head coaches until they can make modifications, identify improper mechanics, and make corrections. Coaches are required to gain at least one new certification per year. more+
  • We help members achieve big goals. We coach CrossFit athletes. We coach elderly members who could barely climb the stairs. We coach marathon runners and members recovering from major injury. We measure success by improvement in quality of life. more+
  • We offer comprehensive food coaching. In a recent challenge we had 16 members lose a combined 166 pounds in 28 days. That is an average of more than 10 pounds per person! more+
  • We invest in new equipment. We are able to run classes efficiently, without the burden of sharing equipment. more+

New to CrossFit?

Once your membership is accepted you will begin our Foundation Program!

Work one-on-one, or in a small group with a CDR coach, for 4 to 6 sessions to learn all of the foundational CrossFit movements. The number of sessions depends on your current skill and ability level. Foundations takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and you’ll be ready to join regular group classes. After you complete your Foundations you can jump into group classes!

Foundation Program – includes 4 to 6 1-hour sessions, 1 food consult with CDR’s Food Coach, & CDR shirt or tank top.




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