Monday January 7th

Jan 6th, 2019

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Monday January 7th

The holidays have come and gone and now its time to put your health back at the top of the “To Do” List.

We are going to kick 2019 training off with some theme days..

Mondays-Classic Couplets
Tuesdays-Tuesday 20’s are back!!
Wednesdays-Hero WOD
Thursdays-“Shred WOD’s”-Designed to work core and burn some unwanted fat. (this day is designed with no loading intentionally)
Friday-Partner it up!!

Monday, Jan-7-2019
Warm up: Annie not for time
SIt ups
“Classic Couplet Monday”
100 Thrusters for time
*EMOM 5 burpees


Tuesday, Jan-8-2019
“Tuesday Twenties”
Week 1
60% of 1 RM BS
“Its all about the 20’s
20 Minute Amrap

20 Burpees
20 Deadlift 185/135
20 TTB


Wednesday, Jan-9-2019
*Law enforcement appreciation day
“Hero WOD Randy”
75 Power Snatches for time 75/55
rest until 12 min
Then 12 min to build to 1 RM Snatch
Then at 24 min
@85% of max snatch 15 reps for time


Thursday, Jan-10-2019
Shred WOD
E2M x15 min
5 cals Assault
20 Russian Twist
plank Remainder of 2 min


Friday, Jan-11-2019
Run 200m
10 KBS 100/70
10 Pullups


Saturday, Jan-12-2019
Kiss a ginger day


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