Monday-Final 30/30/30 Weigh in!

Apr 28th, 2019

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Monday-Final 30/30/30 Weigh in!

The 30/30/30 is coming to a wrap here in the last few days. We will be doing final weigh in’s tomorrow before class, please remind your coach. At this point you can add or take away (hopefully not) some stars.



Monday, Apr-29-2019
Bench Press 5RM to abmat
Booty Work
OTM x20
1- Max Glute Bridges Band
2- Single Side Lunge w/ KB
3- 1-1/4 squats Never extend
4-Single side lunge other side
5 Assault
30 DU
15 KBS
30 DU
15 WB
**Sub Single Unders 1/1


Tuesday, Apr-30-2019
General Warm up A
Amrap 6
Buy in: Run 600M
12 Deadlift each leg 95/65
12 Burpees o Bar

Rest 3 min accumulating max plank

Amrap 5
Buy in 400m run
9 Deadlift 185/115
9 Burpees o Bar

Rest 3 min accumulating max sit up

Amrap 4
Buy in 200m run
6 Deadlift 275/165
6 Burpees o Bar

Add Sams banded glute work


Wednesday, May-1-2019
MFM- Clean emphasis
1 RM Clean

3 Hang Squat Clean
6 Hang Squat Clean


Thursday, May-2-2019
Teams of 2

Row 3200m in 400m intervals
100 GHD SIt ups or PVC
100 Push Press 95/65
100 Steering Wheel Squat


Friday, May-3-2019
2 RM or heavy OHS
Partner Style

50 Calories
27 Pullups
21 Power Snatches
15 OHS
9 Squat snatches


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