Monday 8.18.14

Aug 17th, 2014

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Monday 8.18.14

5 years ago, when Rachel and I started CrossFit CDR, there wasn’t another CrossFit around for over 20 miles! Looking back we would have never guessed how the sport of fitness would expand the way it has. Fun fact: we are the 1,800th CrossFit affiliate. Fast forward to today and there are now over 10,000 CrossFit affiliates all over the world, and we are the 17th fittest out of all of them!!! We are honored, that since starting in 2009, our passion for fitness has inspired 13 CDR members to open their own CrossFit affiliates. The 9th CrossFit in Redlands will soon be opening and we wish Coach Jonathan Heighes and CDR member Arden Zalsos well with their new business adventure.

Starting this week, the girl who started it all in her garage, Coach Rachel, will be coaching classes on a regular basis! With her kids both in school she is both eager and excited to have the opportunity to be back doing what she loves. This week she will be coaching Monday and Wednesday morning from 7-10am and Thursday afternoon from 3:30-6:30pm.

-Coach Calvin

Schedule Updates

Starting this week, there will be a competition class on

  • Monday 5-7 pm
  • Wednesday 5-7 pm
  • Friday 6-8 am
  • Saturday 8- 10 am

During the week on Monday and Friday, group class will be in conjunction with the competition class. On Wednesday and Saturday there will be no group class at the same time as the competition class.

Even if you can only stay one hour, please come join us for our competition class! If can jump in the first or second hour, or whenever you can. If you want to get stronger, perfect your movements, and increase your endurance, we highly recommend that you workout with our competitors!

Workout of the Day


Cooper Age and Gender Base Standards for Law Enforcement 

300 m Run

1 Min Max Sit-Ups

1 Min Max Push-Ups

Max Height Box Jump

1.5 Mile Run

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