Monday 3.3.14

Mar 3rd, 2014

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Monday 3.3.14

“We must become the change we want to see.”

-Mahatma Gandhi,  led India to independence

and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom all across the world.

Workout 14.1 is in the books!

We want to congratulate everyone who came out on Saturday to tackle the first Open workout of 2014! Even those of you who struggled with double-unders came out and gave it your all, which was very inspiring to watch! I know many of you surprised yourselves, while others were disappointed–but that’s the nature of CrossFit. Not every workout will play to your strengths, and CrossFit seems to be very good at highlighting your weaknesses. However, take this opportunity to identify these weaknesses, and challenge yourself to embrace the hard work that comes with tackling them!


They are a few people who still have not completed workout 14.1. Tomorrow is the LAST day to submit your scores, so whoever has not done the workout yet, come prepared to complete it during group class!

Workout of the Day



6 C2B

12 Wall Balls #20/14

24 DU’s

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