Monday 3.10.14

Mar 10th, 2014

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Monday 3.10.14

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“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Time will pass anyway.”

-Earl Nightingale, American motivational speaker and author

The third week of the Open is upon us, and I’m sure most of you had heard complaints such as, “I thought the Open was designed for everyone, at any fitness level!” and “What’s with all these high skilled movements, like double-unders and chest to bars?!” Well, before you start getting your torches and pitchforks in protest, let’s consider a few things first. Zach Forrest, a former CrossFit Games athlete out of CrossFit Max Effort in Las Vegas, gave these points about the importance of the Open and why we should be embracing this challenge instead of complaining about it.

  1.  Both of these movements have been in every CrossFit Open! These are not knew or unknown, they should be expected of any intermediate CrossFit athlete.
  2. Most of you have gotten a PR, whether it was your first DU, overhead squat, or chest to bar. The competitive aspect and spirit of the Open workouts, made up rise above and achieve a goal!
  3. The Open is designed as the first wave of selecting the athletes that will eventually go to Regionals and the Games. If all the movements were easy, then how could we determine who will be the Fittest on Earth!

So as we approach our 3rd week of the Open, let’s keep meet this workout with optimism and the idea that no matter what HQ throws at us, we are ready and willing to give it our best shot! Remember the Open is just a test-how you choose to take it is the real challenge!

Updates and Announcements!

  •  “Bring a Friend” Day! This Thursday everyone is encouraged to bring a friend to join in on a fun CrossFit wod! If they have not been to the box recently, please have them sign up for a class time here.
  • Starting next weekend will be having classes at 6 am on Saturday mornings and 2 pm on Sunday afternoons!
  • For those of you competing in the Inner Box Battle, please make your checks out to “The Kevin Ogar Recovery Fund” and give them to Ian ASAP!
  • Run Through Redlands! It’s that time again! CDR is planning for everyone to participate in this 5 k run, and if you register now the fee is only $30. Please click here to register, and remember register under Team CDR Redlands!

Workout of the Day

18 min AMRAP

75 Wall Balls

60 KBS #70/53

45 Burpee Box Jumps #24/20

30 KB Thrusters #53/35

15 MUs or 10 Wall Climbs

Sign up for class here! 


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