Monday 11.26.12

Nov 25th, 2012

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Monday 11.26.12


Our Holiday Prep Challengers finished on Wednesday, just in time for Thanksgiving. Once again, we saw amazing results. Most of our challengers reported increased energy, better performance during their WODs, improved sleep and mood, reduced cravings and baggier clothes! Not everyone in the challenge had a weight loss goal, though everyone was looking to lean out to some degree. Those with weight loss goals had fantastic results…

  • Elaine K lost 5 pounds
  • Cynthia R lost 7 pounds
  • Kristin V lost 6 pounds
  • Jeff Oliver lost 13 pounds
  • Rob K lost 28.5 pounds
  • Angel A lost 5 pounds
  • Rob L lost 12 pounds
  • Jackie C lost 10.5 pounds
  • Kathy M lost 6 pounds
  • Harmony A lost 16.5 pounds

Harmony summed it up when she described her lessons learned as this… Eat more and workout less. We’ve all heard the old rules, to lose weight you need to eat less and workout more. Time and again, we’ve proven that just isn’t true. During our challenges, we focus on getting the body as much nutrition as possible. We work on getting regular, structured meals (no meal skipping!) to stabilize energy throughout the day. Then we look for 3 to 4 CDR WODs every week. Specifically CDR WODs, because we know they are programmed to get the most benefit out of your time in the gym, avoid injury, and work on mobility. We don’t see a benefit to chronic cardio when it comes to getting the best body composition results. When the body is getting what it needs – food and physical activity – it works more efficiently and reduced body fat is the result.

Congratulations to all of our finishing Challengers! Your hard work has paid off!

The next Challenge starts January 14th and ends February 11th. We’ll be including hydrostatic body fat testing again. You can sign up now by emailing


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