Monday 11.24.13

Nov 25th, 2013

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Monday 11.24.13

Nutrition Corner:

Yomna IbrahimĀ and Aprille Febre!

yomna and aprille

When starting the Strength in Numbers challenge, nurses Yomna and Aprille had very different goals. Yomna wanted to gain weight and build muscle and Aprille wanted to lose weight. Although both had opposite goals, they entered the challenge together with optimism and determination, and both achieved great results! Even with Aprille gone on a 2 week mission trip to a Children’s Hospital in Thailand, she did excellent and lost 11 lbs and 12 inches! Yomna gained 1 lb, added 1 inch on both her lats and quads, and gained a lot of strength!

Many of you think that these challenges are only for those who need to lose weight, but as Yomna showed us, its for anyone that wants to get healthy and improve their body composition. CrossFit is not just about losing weight, its also about adding strength and endurance. So if you have been wondering whether or not these challenges are right for you, talk to T-mac about your specific goals and she can come up with a challenge that will get you there!

Both of these ladies have been very dedicated 6 am-ers who have increased their endurance, skills, mobility, and strength since starting at CrossFit CDR. They are always very positive and excited about working out every time they come into the gym, so I encourage you to congratulate them on all their success and hard work!

Workout of the Day

Strength: Push Jerk 5X3 75%-85%

WOD: 8 min AMRAP

3-3-3, 6-6-6, 9-9-9




Reminder: Thanksgiving Recipe Share!

Remember tomorrow we are having our Thanksgiving recipe share! We would love for you to cook up a healthy main/side/dessert and bring it tomorrow to share with your class! Don’t forget to bring along the recipe as well!

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