Monday 11.18.19

Nov 18th, 2013

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Monday 11.18.19

Nutrition Corner:

“Strength in Numbers” Challenge!

Its finally done! T-mac has just wrapped up the 8-week “Strength in Numbers”  challenge! This challenge was different than ones in the past, and here’s what T-mac had to say about it: “Overall, I would say this was a great challenge. The longer length of time made it possible to really work with people and get to know them. I was also able to drill home the importance of great dietary habits, because usually 4 week challenges just seem to fly by. It was great to be able to freely feed people carbs and know that they would still lose weight because of the timeline. Remember, maintenance is the key to long-term results, so stop by anytime, my door is always open!” T-mac was also able to make more customized meal plans to fit people’s busy schedule and lifestyle needs. She introduced carb cycling, which is a great way to promote fat loss while at the same time increasing strength. T-mac worked really hard with each client to ensure that they were meeting their goals, and for those who stuck with it, we are seeing tremendous results! Since this challenge encouraged people to pick a buddy, we are first going to highlight Mark and Sommer Larkin!



Mike lost a total of 17 lbs, while Sommer lost a total of 10 lbs!

This couple has been coming to CrossFit CDR consistently and  are always improving.  Every time they show up to WOD they have such a great and positive attitude.  All of their hard work is paying off through their increase in performance and strength. Throughout the challenge, the couple stayed true to the plan, despite numerous outings with friends and a weekend trip. Before the challenge, Mike and Sommer were concerned about Mike’s extremely high cholesterol levels, but now his levels are down and he’s feeling great! Next time you see them at the gym, give them a shout-out for all of their hard work and dedication to becoming healthier, leaner, and stronger!

If anyone is interested in signing up for the 24 Days of Christmas Challenge, you can log into your account on TheBoxHQ, and on the left side bar click “store.” You can then purchase this challenge. Remember, its only for the first 24 people who sign up, so do it quick!

Its Partner Week!!

Workout of the Day

Strength: Push Press 4X4 @ 80%

WOD: Partner Style


Power Clean #155/105

C 2 B Pull ups (ADV=Bar MU)


OPTIONAL: Conditioning

(This work will be done after class)

Thanksgiving: Recipe Share

As you all know, Thanksgiving is next week and that usually means too much food, too much drinking….and too much sleep (well that last one may not be such a bad thing). Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a total calorie bomb, all of your favorite foods–turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, can actually taste good AND be good for you. I’m sure that since starting CrossFit many of you have searched for healthier recipes or perhaps have tweaked some of your old recipes to make them healthier. I know that I have, and my family can’t tell the difference! Next Monday 11/25, we are going to have a Recipe Share and are encouraging all of you cooks to bring one of your favorite healthy main or a side dishes to share with everyone at your regular class time. Even if you don’t have a recipe, I encourage you to find one and bring it in! Make sure to bring along some index cards with the recipe and directions, or just bring the recipe and I will post it on the blog. Some great sites that I have explored for healthy thanksgiving recipes are:

Cooking Light 

Eating Well


Here’s a link to these healthy and low cal treats I will be making! 60 calorie pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting!


If anyone is interested in getting more rumble rollers (the rubber pipes with the spiked ends) for mobility before or after class, please email Stanis Askew at!


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