Monday 10/8/2018-Barbell For Boobs Fundraiser Week!!

Oct 7th, 2018

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Monday 10/8/2018-Barbell For Boobs Fundraiser Week!!

This Saturday is “Grace” at 8am. Please show up a little early to warm up and wear pink if you have it! Or Red, haha.

** Friends and Family are welcome to come and watch or participate. If they would like to participate and have never been here please have them fill out this waiver.

Monday october, 8th 2018
Warm-up: Lower Body
Row 300
25- KBS
20-Lunge back and forward
15-Pushups down dog
10-Mt Climber Lunges
2 Rounds
Strength: 2 RM Deadlift
WOD: Bj’s For Days
33 BJO 24/20
22 Rocket Squat
11 Full Cleans 50/35 DB
*Goal is sub 15
**Scale to 21/14/7


12 Reps
ODD: KBS 100/70#
EVEN: Hollow Rocks #15/10
Pullup DIp Complex
Do 5’s, Use weight if needed
WOD: E5M x 4

Run 200m
20 Pullups
10 S 2 OH 135/95
5 MU

Goal to finish work in 2:30
**Scored by slowest round time


Warm up- DU’s
Man Maker Review
1 arm DB Thruster
Hero WOD: “Devil of Ramadi V2”
Partner WOD
4 Rounds
8 Man Makers/Plank Hold 50/35
20 Back Squat/ Wall Sit 205/165
20 1 arm DB Thruster 50/35/Scissor
Cash out
500 DU
30 min Max


EMOM: 15
ODD: 30 Mt Climbers
Even: 20 Abmat
EMOM: 20
ODD: Row 250/225
Even: Bench Press 10 3/4 B/W
*Sub pushups if unable to complete
RX load


WOD: 4 Person Team
Row 5k
400 Slam Balls
300 Reverse lunges Kb 53/35
200 Burpees o Parallette
100 Sled Pushes


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