Monday 10.22.12

Oct 21st, 2012

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Monday 10.22.12


Many of our Holiday Prep Challengers are starting today! A few started early (overachievers!) and several will be starting throughout the week. We are able to accommodate these staggered start dates since every participant is getting one-on-one attention. The beauty of the one-on-one approach is the fact that everyone’s plan is personalized – we’re setting individual goals and identifying specific strategies for each participant. Another cool feature of this Challenge – everyone’s food photos are being posted in a private Facebook Group, where we are also posting recipes, strategies, and ideas. All of the benefits of a group challenge with the personalized approach that we are usually only able to accomplish with one-on-one coaching! There are 3 spots left for highly motivated folks with big goals! Email for more info, questions, or to sign up.

Here are a few recipe ideas for your week.  

Chicken Cacciatore – Nick Massie has great cooking videos that are posted on from time to time. He includes some helpful tips and skills in his videos, so you learn more than a recipe.

Easiest Roast Chicken Ever – From, a popular paleo blog. This recipe uses ingredients from Trader Joe’s to make a time-consuming recipe much more manageable.

Spaghetti Squash with Meatballs – Everybody loves meatballs! Just skip the parmesan if you are strict structured paleo. The recipe calls for a jar of spaghetti squash – be sure to choose a variety with no added sugar.

Easy Ratatouille – I keep going back to this video for a great way to cook veggies in the fall.


Watch the WOD demon here.

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