Monday 10.15.12

Oct 14th, 2012

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Monday 10.15.12


Looking for some new meal ideas? I thought I would share a few recipes I’m using right now. I tend to start with a recipe and then adapt, create variations, and eventually ignore the recipe altogether. By sharing some fave recipes, I also want to introduce you to a few of my favorite recipe sources. Confession time: I never cook from paleo websites or cookbooks. In my experience, paleo-specific sites often call for unusual ingredients that can be hard to find and too often fall short on flavor. They also tend to rely very heavily on meat with little love given to the veggies. In the bigger culinary world, the current trend is to serve meat as more of the side and highlight fantastic vegetables preparations. That fits perfectly with my Structured Paleo values! I prefer to cook from sources I trust and make adaptations as necessary. Check out these sources and get inspired! – This website compiles recipes from many sources and makes them easy to search for. You can search a specific ingredient and get dozens of recipes. You can store your favorites in your “recipe box” for reference later. When I have an ingredient and want ideas for what to do with it, I always check this site first.

Skillet Greens with Cumin and Tomatoes

Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad

Late Summer Greens Saute – Mostly a creative lifestyle blog from the clothing brand, Free People, but they share surprisingly good recipes. I’ve gotten a few of my favorite recipes here. Most are not paleo, so it takes a little searching to find the good recipes. The recipe below is AMAZING!

Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash Salad – Bon Appetit is my FAVORITE food magazine. Every month, I read through, flagging the recipes I want to try and then cook them all month until the next issue arrives. The website has a great search function and plenty of fun and educational content.

Chicken with Herb-Roasted Tomatoes and Pan Sauce

Pan-Seared White Fish with Kale and Chorizo (calls for hake, but you can use any firm white fish)

*Not all of these recipes are exactly paleo as written. You may need to omit the cheese or serve with a side dish other than the suggested mashed potatoes. But they are all very easily adapted. 


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