Monday 1.13.14

Jan 13th, 2014

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Monday 1.13.14

Congratulations Coach Calvin!

Congratulations to Coach Calvin Davis for making it to the final event of the 2014 OC Throwdown! This weekend tested the physical and mental limits of the fittest and strongest athletes in CrossFit, and our very own Calvin Davis persevered to the very end. For those of you who came out to support Calvin and CDR Redlands we want to thank you! CDR definitely represented strong at the OC Throwdown and our sense of community was loud and clear. Calvin really appreciated all of the cheers and smiling faces that were behind him every step of the way. Even though his mind and body were taxed, hearing your encouraging words helped him push through until the call of “time!” Over the weekend, Calvin proved he could hang with the best of the individuals as he made it through swimming, a triple Fran, handstand walk and handstand pDSC_0030ush-ups, and a 3-mile run with 70-pound kettlebells! He also posted the highest scores for both the 3-rep max Snatch at 250 and the 3-position clean and jerk at 305, proving that he was Samson Strong! At the final event he made those weighted muscle-ups seem like a breeze and pushed hard to get in every rep he could of those 165 pound power snatches. He left everything on the floor and never gave up. His performance was a true testament of the pride and determination of a CDR athlete as well as his faith in God.

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Workout of the Day

To get a little taste of the OC Throwdown action we will be doing a classic:


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