Monday 05/06/2019

May 6th, 2019

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Monday 05/06/2019

Today is a good Day, for a Good Day!

-Think Positive

Monday, May-6-2019
Warm up
A-Banded Walks
4×10 FS
Amrap 8 min
45 Thrusters
45 TTB
45 Power Cleans
45 C2B


Tuesday, May-7-2019
Run Prep
ankles, hip flexors, calves, shins
CDR Endurance
Run 1 mile
Rest 2 min
Row 500m x4
Rest 2 min
Bike 2.5 miles


Wednesday, May-8-2019
Warm up: practice sled pushes
get set up to go
Sled Relays in Gym

10 Rounds of
partner relay sled push
*Wall to Red Line

Start weight at BW for men
3/4 Bw for women

Each succussful lap add 10lbs

With any remaining time, Stretch
lower body


Thursday, May-9-2019
Warm up A
4 rounds of
21- Assault
15 GHD sit ups
9-Power Snatch
rest 1 min
50 Burpees
rest 1 min
50 Push Press 4750/3250
Scaling bike option for most will be
ideal here


Friday, May-10-2019
Amrap 5
Buy in 100 DU
12 Power Clean
4 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Empty Barbell #
5 min active Cardio
Amrap 5
Buy 100DU
8 Power Clean
4 Burpee Box Jump O
5 min active cardio
Amrap 5
4 Power Clean
4 Burpee Box Jump O
Designed to run teeter totter


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