Monday 04/08/19

Apr 7th, 2019

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Monday 04/08/19

Congratulations to Tracey Lee MacDonald (183) and Kim Lennon (92) for qualifying for Masters Regionals. 

-Kim had a goal of hitting top 200 in the world in the open and she ended up finishing 92. After several weeks of working on her gymnastics she was able to get her first HSPU, first MU and then a lot more in the workouts. Determination!!!

-Tmac coming off an injury, and completing her first workout in 1300th, was able to bounce back by by scoring in the top 1oo in the rest of her workouts.


Wrapping up week one of the 30/30/30 challenge, several people down 3-4 pounds in the first couple day. Keep your focus here as week two tends to slow down progress a little. You can try adding these following tips to help you keep moving toward your goal. 

-IFS- Intermittent Fasting. This is a great way to give a boost to your metabolism, improve heart/brain health, and lose weight.
-Drink herbal teas all day long, peppermint, green teas. (No added stimulants)
-Increase your Cardio, come in early or stay 20 minutes late and go hard on the bike or rower (they both burn twice as many calories as running)
-Try Juicing carrots.. (Use one beet, 3 lemons, 3 oz ginger root, turmeric, cayenne and the rest organic carrots… You are making 96 oz of juice here) -When you drink the juice add some good fats with it, avocado or Some nuts.


Warm up
Run 800m
Then jog/back peddle/side shuf
Amrap 4
Rest 2
Amrap 4
Rest 2
Amrap 4
Rest 2
Buy Out 75/50 Pushups


Tuesday, Apr-9-2019
Endurance Day
8x200M Run
Assault Intervals
4x 1 min ME Bike
Rest 3 min between
Recover Row 1600


Wednesday, Apr-10-2019
Strength Day
Build to a Heavy set of 5 Sumo DL
or Cardio
Elevated lunges 8″ On pole ##
Role Outs
Jumping air Squat W/ Band
:30 on :30 off
4×10 Bulgarian Split Squats
4×25 Ring Pushups
4×10 Strict Leg Lifts


Thursday, Apr-11-2019
Make Up Day
Warm up: Run 1600m

make up a previous workout

10 Lunges
10 Burpees
10 Ring Pushups
**Each round increase reps by 1



Friday, Apr-12-2019
Warm up Mile
4x400m @Mile Pace
rest 1 min between
Team WOD
200m Run
30 WB pass to eachother
30 Teeter Totter BJ
**In the same order as above


Saturday, Apr-13-2019
50 Cals
50 Burpees
50 Cals
50 KBS
**Teams of Two Alternate


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