Monday 01/28/19

Jan 27th, 2019

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Monday 01/28/19

Huge Shout out to Ana Cervantes for leading with the most classes going into the final week of January! Ana has done 24 classes, Mireya 22 Classes and John Imbriani 20 classes.  They have enjoyed a variation of CDR Fit, bootcamp and power lifting! Enjoying your fitness is a blessing.

Monday, Jan-28-2019
Team warm up
2 burpees
2 WB
amrap 10 min
3×10 Deadlift HAP
Hang Clean+ Power Clean+
Power Jerk


Tuesday, Jan-29-2019
Squat Prep
Tuesday 20’s Front Squat 65%
WOD: On the board”


Wednesday, Jan-30-2019
Chris kyle-3RFT
40 reps of everything
KB’s 53/35
Box Jumps 24/20
Thruster 65/45
Elevated Pushups


Thursday, Jan-31-2019
OTM- Goat work
Repeat same as last week and
try to perform more reps.


Friday, Feb-1-2019
With a partner
200/150 calories
100 Snatch 95/65
100 Lunge and Recover 95/65
Resting partner must hold
plank or Wall Squat in order for
any work to be done.


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