Monday 01/21/2019

Jan 20th, 2019

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Monday 01/21/2019


Monday, Jan-21-2019
Martin Luther King Day
Buliding Threshold Tolerance
10RM -Back Squat
WOD: 21-15-9
DB Clean and Jerks 35/25
Strict Pullups
GHD Sit ups


Tuesday, Jan-22-2019
Hip Flexor Stretch/Activation
Tuesday 20’s 65% BS
+10-15lbs from last week
Skill:Mu transitions Plus
Dip Strength Work
5×6 reps HAP
AMRAP 5 min
10-OHS 95/65
10-Single Leg Deadlift


Wednesday, Jan-23-2019
3 RM -Push press
SS- 10 Pushups on Plates
4x500m Row rest 2 min between


Thursday, Jan-24-2019
Pick 3 things you want to get
better at. Work :40 rest :20
Min 1 first movement
Min 2 second Movement
Min 3 Third movement


Friday, Jan-25-2019
Emom -15 Snatch complex
hip, knee, floor
WOD: Amrap 17 min
30-Wall Ball
20-DB Russian Twists
10-Burpee Box Jump Overs
*Alternate to get the maximum
amount of reps
Saturday, Jan-26-2019
Engine Work
Run 200m
Max rep burpees in remaining

**Goal is to get as many burpees
as possible over 10 rounds


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