Happy Easter 2019!!

Apr 22nd, 2019

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Happy Easter 2019!!


*Happy Easter to you and your family. You are family to us and we appreciate and enjoy our time with you.

Your CDR Team

Calvin and Rachel Davis

Monday, Apr-22-2019
“Marathon Monday”
Run 400m
26 Hand Release Pushups
Run 400m
26 KBS 70/53
Run 400
26- SIt ups
Run 400
26- Deadlift 185/135
Run 400
26 Box Jumps 24/20
**26 reps stands for each mile
in a marathon
TIme Cap 40 minutes


Tuesday, Apr-23-2019
MFM to Snatch Specific
Build to a Heavy Snatch

or Cardio
“The Booty”
Single Leg DL + Kick Back
Single Leg Curtsie Lunge (Hop
side to side)
Step up + High knee at top
Squat jump + Lunge Jump
Bench Bulgarian Lunges
Bench Glute Bridges W/Band #

“Circle of Thrust”
1….10 Thruster
1…..10 Single Leg DL
Must be completed as a team
*Put everyone in a circle, Cant do
next exercise until last person done.
*Coach ques each new movement.
*No dropping bars at all must hold
mental discipline
*Do it outside if time permits


Wednesday, Apr-24-2019
Warm up
10 Wall Squat
15-Jump Squat
20- Pushups
25 Lunges
300m ROw
Cardio Chipper
1600m Row
100 DU or Mt Climbers
50 cals assault
100 Bulgarian Split Squat
1600 Run


Thursday, Apr-25-2019
Single Leg Glute Bridge
Other Leg Glute Bridge
1-1/4 Front Squats 75/52
1 leg planks
Ring Row Push ups combo 5/5:40 on :20 off


Friday, Apr-26-2019
Keep group together and
do V=ups and hollow rocks
Team WOD
30-Power Cleans
50-Air Squats
30-Front Squats
50-Air Squats
30-Push Jerks
50-Air Squats
30-Clusters**Weight is suggested to be able to do 5 in a row
155/105 Possible


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