Friday 5.2.14

May 2nd, 2014

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Friday 5.2.14

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first steps to something better.


CrossFit is rapidly evolving. New skills are being introduced and embraced by top athletes, but why can’t they be for anyone? Who says that you can’t do a handstand walk, or strict handstand pushups or pistols? Nobody, except for yourself! Most of the time, people shy away from things that they know they will fail at, and like most people I am one of them. Defeat has become synonymous with failure, loser, weakness, and stigma…but why? Defeat does not have to define you as a person, but defeat is inevitable. Do you think that Lindsay Valenueza got a muscle-up when she first started CrossFit (it took her 2 years) or that Jason Khalipa dominated his first Fran (he had to do jumping pull-ups) ? Defeat is what breeds EDUCATION, if we know what we did wrong then we can change it next time…and the next time…and the next time in hopes of reaching our goal. Now I know its easier said then done, but us coaches at CDR want you to step out of your comfort zone, and get that first pull-up or ring dip or muscle up. There are no limits in here, the only limits are what YOU place on yourself. So if you have a goal in mind, please let a coach know and we can help you. We are always working on our weaknesses, so let’s tackle them together!


You are all invited to our CDR-BQ this Sunday at 2 pm at the Barlow residence! CDR will be providing the meat, so please bring any side dishes, salads, desserts, and drinks you want! They have a pool and sand volleyball court, so bring your swimsuit and v-ball skills for some fun spikes, digs, and aces!


 31168 Highland Ave 

Redlands, Ca 92374


Workout of the Day

 Burner: 1 Min Each of…

100 Unbroken DU’s

ME Wallballs

75 Unbroken DU’s

ME Wallballs

50 Unbroken DU’s

ME Wallballs

WOD: Team Rumbler


Run with Medball

80 Box Jump Overs

80 Back squats #1/2 BW Female/ 3/4 BW Male

6 K Bike

Sign up for class here! 


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