Friday 4.26.13

Apr 25th, 2013

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Friday 4.26.13

May Meltdown

It’s time to sign up for the May Challenge! This is a one month weight loss challenge running from May 1st to 31st. This challenge includes before/ after photos, measurements, caliper body fat testing, and a custom nutrition plan based on your needs and goals. Participants are going to get plenty of one-on-one time so we are only taking 30 participants. To participate, you need to schedule a one-on-one session with Tracey to take place BEFORE May 1st. The cost is $150. To register and schedule your 1-on-1, email

Summer is just around the corner – now is the time to reach your weight loss goals!


Partner WOD,

  • 100 box jumps
  • 100 kettlebell swings

Once those are complete, 5 minute AMRAP of…

  • Partner A climbs the rope while
  • Partner B completes as many clean and jerks as possible

Don’t forget your rope climbing socks!




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