Friday 4.25.14

Apr 25th, 2014

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Friday 4.25.14

Life is a one-time offer…Use it well.


Hey CDR, why don’t you use Groupon?

I’m sure some of you have wondered, why we don’t offer Groupon deals, so here’s a great article that Tamera posted a while back explaining why…

We get asked this question from time to time. And its a fair question. So we want to take a minute to explain. Groupon is a website that negotiates with businesses for “huge discounts” on “fun things to do” and then sends “a ton of new customers” to the business. I can think of some fun activities that might lend themselves well to a Groupon deal – bowling, maybe a visit to a spa or the zoo? But CrossFit CDR isn’t a good fit for that kind of marketing strategy. 

First of all, if you are already paying for a membership, how would you feel about us giving the same service to someone we don’t even know for a “huge discount.” They would get the same coaching, use the same equipment, get the same results. And we don’t even know them yet! We have a relationship with everyone of our existing clients, and we aren’t going to offer something to someone new that we aren’t offering to you. 

Groupon deals are great for “fun things to do.” While CDR is fun, we hope that all of our members join for the long term. We’re looking for long lasting relationships and commitment. We want everyone to visit CDR before signing up – to be sure this is a good fit. 

And lastly, the goal of Groupon is to bring “a ton of new customers.” Of course we love new members!  It is always exciting when someone new joins our CDR community because every member contributes something unique and special. But you could say we value quality over quantity. Imagine if you showed up for class tomorrow to find 20 brand new people in class. All of your coaches’ time would need to be spent with them – teaching the movements, making sure they are safe, and encouraging them. Our first priority is to build the best possible program for you, the members that are already here. We are happy and honored when you tell your friends and family and they decide to join CDR. That is how we build community. We’re a little afraid that a ton of new customers signing up for a short term deal would put a burden on our existing members and we don’t like that idea one bit. 

What do you think?

Workout of the Day 

Redlands Rumble Prep

WOD: 4 Person Team

1 Mile Run–>100 m @ Time

150 WB–>Train Style

1600 m Row–>200 m @ Time

150 Pull-ups or 50 Dead Hangs

* 1 Person Works at a Time

Sign up for class here!


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