Friday 4.12.13

Apr 12th, 2013

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Friday 4.12.13

What’s Your WOD Time?

There are many factors that go into scheduling and planning a workout and if you want results, you have to find that time of day that works best for you! Some people naturally have more energy in the morning and others find they have more energy and intensity in the evening. Just going through the motions will not produce results, more energy will make you have more intensity which will burn fat!

CDR offers 10 daily class times making it easier to try different times to WOD to┬ásee what time of day you are at your best! Want to get a quick workout in? Try our newly added 45 minute class on your lunch break – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 12:00pm.

* Come say hello to our Food Coach Tracey MacDonald she is back from vacation! She is ready to consult you on your nutrition and health goals!


partner wall balls

over your partner burpees

partner sit up med ball toss


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