Friday 3.13.14

Mar 14th, 2014

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Friday 3.13.14

“He Said”

So your life feels like it don’t make sense
And you think to yourself, “I’m a good person”
So why do these things keep happening?
Why you gotta deal with them?

You may be knocked down now
But don’t forget what He said, He said:

“I won’t give you more, more than you can take
And I might let you bend, but I won’t let you break
And No-o-o-o-o, I’ll never ever let you go-o-o-o-o”
Don’t you forget what He said

Sometimes when we are bombarded with a lot in life, and the stress becomes almost too much to bear, I like to take a moment and think about these lyrics. God knows each and everyone of us, and knows what we are capable of. We need to remember that he loves us, and as long as we put our faith in him, he will not let us break.
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Bring a Friend Day was a blast! Thank you to everyone who brought a pal to share in good times and a good wod!

Workout of the Day

WOD: Partner Style

2 Rounds: 2 rope climbs + 2 snatches #135/95


3 Rounds: 2 rope climbs + 3 snatches #135/95


4 Rounds: 2 rope climbs + 4 snatches #135/95

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