Friday 2.22.13

Feb 21st, 2013

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Friday 2.22.13


As usual, it was tough judging the winners of our January Challenges. For the first time, we had three categories for participants with variations based on their goals. Our intention was to choose one winner from each category. Mission, impossible! We just couldn’t narrow it down to three winners. The results were astounding. In case you think that you can’t make much of a difference in just 28 days, look at what our winners have accomplished.

Rob Ladd (Get Yoked) – In 28 days, Rob lost 2 pounds of fat AND added 2 pounds of muscle. The numbers may sound small but the body composition changes were huge! Rob is rockin’ a six-pack and won’t have to worry about leaning out in time for summer. We are all impressed by Rob’s new found commitment and consistency. Rob completed the Holiday Prep Challenge. Instead of going off the deep end after the challenge, he jumped right in and decided to take his efforts to the next level with the Get Yoked Challenge. In case you think you’re too busy to get Rob’s results… Rob is a firefighter, working nights, with constantly interrupted sleep and food tempation from the other guys in the station. And at home, he is a father to two young boys. I must mention that Rob was joined on this challenge, by his wife Dawn, who also saw great results! Dawn lost 10.5  lbs and 2% body fat. We are so proud of you both!

Endre Lopez (Get Fit) – We’ve been harassing Endre to join a challenge for a long time. His lifestyle may not seem conducive to a strict, structured paleo routine. As a DJ, Endre keeps late nights, and as a bachelor, he hasn’t had much experience with cooking. Endre has never completed a challenge before and all of the paleo concepts were totally new to him. He embraced the challenge, put together amazing meals, asked questions, worked hard to improve his sleep, and never ever made excuses. I kind of stalk him on Instagram and he continues to post photos of his paleo meals even though the challenge is over. Endre is influencing those around him with his positive influence. We are proud of you, Endre!

Mark Farrell (Get Fit) – Mark is another one that we’ve wanted to see in a challenge for some time. Mark made up his mind and was one of the first ones to commit to the challenge. Mark went in with the mindset that he was going to be successful. He was consistent, purposeful, and he had a great attitude the entire time. In just 28 days, Mark got some great definition in his abdominal area, and improved his athletic performance. Way to go, Mark!

Brian Smith (Get Lean) – The day that I met Brian, he told me that he planned not just to join the next challenge, but that he planned to beat his frat brother, Rob Kiemle’s results from the prior challenge. Sure enough, Brian signed up early, stayed consistent, asked questions, and kept a great attitude. Brian has his hands full with four young kids at home – in fact, his wife gave birth during the challenge, proving that you don’t need to wait for just the right time to take control of your diet. Brian lost 25.5 lbs during the challenge – WOW! Keep it up Brian, you’re looking great!

Hillary Medina (Get Lean) – Hillary is a busy mom with a full time job. Reasons that she might have put off doing the challenge – she has a baby less than a year old and she had a work trip planned during the challenge. But she didn’t make excuses. She found solutions and did the best she could within her demanding schedule. She proves that you don’t have to be perfect to reach your goal, you just have to be consistent and determined. Hillary reduced her body fat by nearly 3% and she looks great! We are so impressed with your results, Hillary!

Rob Kiemle (Get Lean) – Rob won the Holiday Prep with incredible results, despite the fact that he started the challenge late and struggled with health issues. In case you thought he would be at an advantage because of his previous challenge experience, Rob experienced set backs during this challenge as well. Unable to workout during most of the challenge and limited in his food choices, Rob could have gracefully backed out. But he didn’t. He became more determined to take control of his health. Rob lost almost 29 lbs in 28 days for a total loss of more than 50 lbs. Rob owns his own business, has young children, and races cars on the weekend. He has plenty to keep him busy, but he didn’t let anything get in his way. Rob, you’re an inspiration!

All of our winners will get a Reebok Long Haul Duffel (retails for $150), Pure Pharma D3, Garden of Life Coconut Oil, and Reebok water bottle. See Tamera to claim your loot!


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