Friday – 11/4/2016

Nov 3rd, 2016

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Friday – 11/4/2016

Squad up Fridays!! The next several weeks we will be working on PR lifts in a small group of 4-6 people. So try your best to make Fridays important and to keep the same group each week.


CDR is participating in the Annual Redlands Family Services’ Thanksgiving Food Drive and this year we are sponsoring 3 families in the community – we truly want to make their Thanksgiving memorable for them!  There will be printed sign-up lists in the warm-up area with food, prep and serving items for each family – sign up for items you would like to donate from any or all of the lists, and drop the items off in the designated bags/containers that will be provided.  The last day to sign up and bring items in is Tuesday, November 15th.  Your participation is GREATLY appreciated!


Workout of the Day

3 position Snatch: Hang/Knee/Floor


S2 OH Db’s 50/35

**Today we will be testing your 50 Cals for time on the Assault bike! Aproach this like round one of your 20 min EMOM! All out, close your eyes until you feel like you have nothing left, then open them and finish the remainder. 


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