Friday 11.9.12

Nov 8th, 2012

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Friday 11.9.12

Think you’re too busy to workout?

This article, Studying CrossFit at Kansas State University, highlights efforts to study the effectiveness of CrossFit programming. In one recent, 8-week study, participants either did CrossFit WODs or traditional aerobic exercise. The CrossFit group had greater improvements in their aerobic capacity despite drastically less time spent working out – an average 13 minutes per workout for the CrossFit group and 63 minutes per workout for the aerobics group.

Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.     Edward Stanley


Staying organized at work doesn’t just mean a tidy desk with everything filed in its place. Keep your body organized to avoid the damage that is commonly associated with sitting at a desk, typing, and texting all day. In this video, the master of mobility, Kelly Starrett, gives a detailed run down of strategies for staying organized while you type and text, whether you are sitting or standing.

Kelly Starrett of CrossFit San Francisco – how to text and type all day


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