Friday 11.22.13

Nov 22nd, 2013

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Friday 11.22.13

CA Affiliate Showcase 2014

Legendary Competitor is once again hosting the annual So Cal Battle of the Boxes, now called the CA Affiliate showcase. We had a total of 5 teams compete last year, with a first place finish in the Rx division! This year we plan on returning, but with even more teams! Everyone who participated last year had a fun and memorable experience. Competing alongside your friends against other boxes is a very unique experience and we encourage anyone who has the desire to compete to sign up! So get together with your friends and find a team (2 men and 2 women), or write your name up on the white board and we will create a team for you. This competition is also a part of the LA Fitness Expo, and will have all types of fitness and CrossFit vendors, bodybuilding competitions, martial arts demonstrations, and powerlifting events throughout the weekend. So come, check it out, and cheer on your CrossFit CDR athletes! 

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Where: LA Convetion Center

When: January 25th, 2014

Divisions: Scaled and Rx

For more details check out Legendary Competitor’s website here.

Bring your Sweetheart!!

Tomorrow is Bring your Sweetheart day, and we have created a fun and challenging WOD that will bring you and your sweetie closer together!

WOD: Sweetie Style 

100 Sweetie Balls

10 DB Snatch #50/35

80 Calorie Row

20 DB Snatch #50/35

60 Burpees over each other

30 DB Snatch #50/35

40 Back Squats #185/135

40 sec HS Hold Kiss

* If the weight is scaled, switch the reps on the burpees and back squats

* Man/Women teams that Rx with the women’s weight will only have the men do the same amount of reps as the women does each time

Sign up for class here!


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