Friday 1.3.13

Jan 3rd, 2014

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Friday 1.3.13

The Samson Challenge: Journey to the OC Throwdown!

I hope everyone had a very wonderful and happy New Year and got to celebrate with good food, drinks, friends, and family, but now it’s time to get serious about the Samson Challenge! Starting today, January 2nd and ending January 10th, CDR members have committed to the Samson Challenge in order to support Calvin in his training for the 2014 OC Throwdown. This competition will be featuring only the top CrossFitters from across the nation, and our very own coach will be battling it out alongside them! This challenge is simple: no processed foods or sugars, no alcohol, and no hair cutting! (facial hair is acceptable). In the bible, the Angel of the Lord appeared to an Israelite named Manoah and his wife, and he promised them a son that will free the Israelites from the hands of the Philistines. However, the Angel of the Lord stipulated that the wife must not drink alcoholic beverages, eat unclean foods, or cut the hair from the child’s head. As long as they did as the Lord said, Samson received great strength. Just as the Lord commanded Samson’s mother to eat clean, we are urging you to do the same for only eight days! Help support Calvin in garnering physical, mental, and spiritual strength for the OC Throwdown!

Where: The Hangar at the OC Fair and Event Center

When: January 11th-12th

Tickets: $30-one day, $40-two day pass, clicker here


Workout of the Day

 WOD: Partner Style


KBS #70/53


Calorie Row

 Sign up for class here!


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