Friday 08.09.13

Aug 9th, 2013

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Friday 08.09.13

Heighes Family

As many of you know, Jacob and Jon’s parents lost their home to the fire and all their belongings. Our hearts and prayers are with the Heighes family. We are joining together as a community to support them as best as we can. This is just the beginning stages.

Here is letter from Kris Goodfellow.

Kris Goodfellow
Jacob and everyone,
We have had a lot of back and forth with many of you today and want you to know where we are at. First of all, we are so sorry that Jacob an…d Jon’s families have lost their home! We are glad that we can help, but know that it will only be a small start to what is required.
We would be happy to let your family use Brian’s house for a while. We are planning to move into the house when mine sells, but that could be a few months.
All of the furniture that Brian has left is in my garage. We could quickly move it back into the house. (I assume we can put together a crew of big, strong people with trucks to help with that this weekend or sooner. There are 3 bedrooms, which should be enough for everyone and the dogs. But we are short on mattresses. We only have 1 King sized bed and mattress at this point. We need another queen size mattress, and whatever else anyone has handy to share.
We also got rid of the plates and cups, pillows, sheets and a lot of towels. I think that we have a few pots and pans somewhere in that garage, and I know I have some silverware. I suppose that covers the basics.
Our only request is that we get the house and its contents back as we gave it to your family. The house was just painted. Brian has nice furniture. And we just want everything to be treated with care.
Let us know what else you need or when you want to start this work.
Sending hugs!

If you would like to donate any of these items, please contact

Clothing sizes

All of their clothes were also lost in the fire. Here are the family members clothing sizes if you would like to donate:

  • Mom – size 16/18 – x-large – shoe size 8.5
  • Dad – size med/large – pants 34/30
  • Emily (16) – size 2/4 – shoe size 8.5
  • Isaac (11) – med/large shirts – pants 12 or 14 regular
  • Adam (14) – med/large shirts – pants 32/32
  • Zach (18) – med shirts – pants 30/32

You can bring donations to CDR or e-mail for more details

Workout of the Day

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  • Bike
  • Burpees
  • GHD sit-ups
  • Rest

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