Drop Ins

A Drop In visit is for an active CrossFit Member! If you are interested in doing a Free Trial Class please click on the Free Trial Button.

Welcome to CrossFit CDR! If you are a member at another CrossFit affiliate and would like to drop in for a visit, please fill out the form below. We require a minimum of 3 months experience and knowledge of all foundational movements.

Class Times
Please view our online schedule and let us know which class you will be attending in the comment box below. Please keep in mind we need you to arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of every class.

You can drop-in for a daily rate or a weekly rate with unlimited visits. You can buy a CDR shirt/tank from us ($20 + tax). If you will be in town longer than 1 week, we can set up a special package for your extended visit. Please email info@crossfitcdr.com for extended visit information. When you press “Submit,” our electronic waiver will pop up for you to sign in prior to coming in.



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