April 1st, 2019

Mar 31st, 2019

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April 1st, 2019

Today starts the 30/30/30

Every class you check into give yourself a sticker on the chart in the back room.

Every time you check in on facebook give yourself a sticker.

Every pound of weight you lose, ask your coach to give you a sticker.

# to use when posting on media. 

Monday, Apr-1-2019


100 Abmat Sit ups
Run 400m
100 Lunge combo (Front/Back
=1 rep)
Run 400m
100 Tricep Extension
Run 400m

WOD: OTM x12
10- Thrusters
15- TTB
Stretch Quads and Hips
Tuesday, Apr-2-2019
Pushup Complex
Collect 5 sets of max Pushups
Super Set with max ring rows
3 Rounds for time
500m Row
12 DL 225/185
21 Box Jumps 24/20
Looking for 3.5 minutes per round
Deadlifts must be unbroken


Wednesday, Apr-3-2019
Jerk Work
work on split workor

Plank Hold 1 min
Side plank Kicks W/Band
assault 25/20 Calories
Hollow Hold crunches
side plank kicks other side
Mt. Climbers 50

Amrap 15
15-Power Snatches
30- WB
60- DU** Goal is to complete 3 rounds


Thursday, Apr-4-2019
5 rounds of
3 min assault
2 min row
1 min burpee
rest 2 min


Friday, Apr-5-2019
Teams of 3
50- Push press
50- Pusn Press
max reps
*weight chosen by
doing sets of 5-10Back Squats

Hang Power Cleans

Weights are designed to increase by 20/10



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