The CDR approach to programming is highly varied but never random. With years of programming experience, CDR Coaches have learned that special combination of reps and workload to get you the best results.

CDR programming is designed to continually improve strength, technique, and form while minimizing injury and maximizing results. This approach has proven to be effective with every test – our members consistently set personal records and achieve body composition results beyond their expectations.




Greg and Christie Pliess


Thank you for making me stronger at age 38 than I was at age 28. Thank you for making me fitter at age 38 than I was at age 28. Thank you for making me healthier at age 38 than I was at age 28. And, most of all, thank you for making me HAPPIER at age 38 than I was at age 28. Thank you for leading by example and showing me (and others) the rewards of consistency, determination, and motivation. Sure, I had to ‘do the work’ myself, but I couldn’t (or at least wouldn’t) have ever done it without the constant involvement and dedication that the two of you have put in to making CDR what it is today.



I appreciate being pushed, and challenged and supported and also appreciate all of the fun (and sometimes hilarious) times we have! I look forward to the next set of milestones. Little did I know I could become an athlete again and find a sport I truly love as much as (or more than) any other sport I have played, competed in, or just plain enjoyed. And the best part of all… CDR is a true community and a family and makes me a better person all around.




Rod Valdez


Today I celebrate my 35th birthday and can say I’m healthier than I’ve been in the last 17 years. I’ve gone from an XL shirt size to a Medium shirt size and went from a 38″ waist to a 32″ waist. The trainers and members of CDR have been awesome in encouraging me to get to where I am today and I can’t thank you enough for helping me change my life.



Shaila Philip


I see each day as full of challenges rather than hurdles and I am a happier and healthier person today because of CDR. I am truly looking forward to my new way of life.




Katia R


If you look at my before picture taken in August 2011, you can see I looked like somebody who does not take care of herself. What you cannot see on that picture is what I felt when I looked at myself in a mirror. I was very unhappy. I felt heavy. I could not enjoy playing with my boy outside – I got tired too fast. I did not like the way I ate either. It did not feel right, but who has time to change lifelong habits of cooking and what is kale anyway?

In a year, I lost 18 lb. My super competitive son loses when we race. I love what I eat, I feel light and enjoy compliments about the way I look. I do not believe it myself, but I actually enjoy going to the gym. This is the after picture.



Rachel Davis, owner and coach


I gained 50lbs with my second baby and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 8 months. I competed and did 13 muscle ups at 9 months post-baby! I have to work hard and eat clean to stay fit, this doesn’t come naturally just because I’m one of the owners of CDR. I feel so blessed that I get to share my love and passion for fitness with others. I get to watch people’s bodies transform on a daily basis.




Debbie S


Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in providing a positive, encouraging place and hiring great employees. The combination of everything helped me get back on track and stay focused on my fitness goals. We just got into my new spa today, I wasn’t embarrassed of the way I looked.






I’d been fat since a was a little kid. While I’d managed to lose some weight a few times by dieting, I was never active and never able to keep it off. I’d tried going to the gym but lacked the willpower to stick with it. At 5’11”, I peaked around 285. I was a big boy and had the low energy levels and worried wife to go along with it.

I suffered an open, compound fracture of the femur in a car accident in 2010 and even after it healed, the pain never really went away, even after losing a few pounds starving myself and spending countless mindless hours on the elliptical. The final straw for me was back pain after an international flight that I couldn’t shake. I ran into an acquaintance I had seen in some time and noticed how much weight he’d lost. When I asked how he’d done it, he immediately told me about CrossFit CDR. He couldn’t say enough good things about it.

His testimony was enough for me: I went in and signed up for Foundations two days later. I didn’t even take a trial class. At first, I was turned off by the idea of group classes, and I was never one to play group sports, but the “social” aspect of doing the workouts together, no matter what fitness level you find yourself at, has kept me coming back 4 or 5 times per week since October 2011. I’ve lost over 50 pounds of fat since starting at CrossFit CDR, made more friends than I can count, and can’t wait to go back tomorrow.



Tim R

What I find most amazing is how fast you can make such drastic changes. In just six weeks I lost 27lbs and 6% body fat! It happened so fast, I did not realize how much better I felt just three to four weeks into the challenge. I am back at my weight from about 12 years ago, but I really have more energy and strength than I did back then.



Tim H

My wife Jill and I started Crossfit at CDR together – and the first workout I did after Foundations class, was also the first day of a Paleo challenge. I lost about 16 pounds and over 4% body fat during that first challenge. Since then, I am down a total of 25 pounds.

I am extremely happy with the results so far, and where things are going. My opinion, the success I have enjoyed with Crossfit is due to 3 things:

1st, in 25 years of marriage, my wife Jill and I have never committed to a workout program together. It has definitely increased the quality time and shared experience together.
2nd, its the first time I have linked a workout program with a diet and eating way of life.

3rd, I think what is special about this program, CrossfitCDR, is the team Calvin and Rachel Davis have put together. Amazing, all are highly qualified, and all are great people. A definite sense of family, and Jill and I feel that we are a part of that family.



Chris C

People always ask me, so how much weight have you lost? Response: about 100 pounds. Yes, losing weight was great, but what I believe is important are the milestones one achieves throughout there fitness journey at CDR. One of the things I would tell people is, try not to get focused on the big picture. Take those small results and congratulate yourself, after all those are things we all work hard for! Currently I am working on building strength by attending competition prep class and competing when given the opportunity.

A quote that helped me along the way: “Nothing worthwhile comes easy” Remember you can reach the goals you have set out for yourself. I’m living proof!

Thank you to all of the people who have helped me along the way. I would also like to give a special thanks to Calvin, Rachel, and all of the coaches at CDR for helping everyone reach the goals they have set out for themselves.



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