Updates and Events

Updates and Events! 

  • April 17th: Family Services Easter Baskets
    • Family Services of Redlands has been serving low-income and homeless families of Redlands since 1898. Their mission is to, “alleviate poverty, encourage self-sufficiency, and promote the dignity of all people”. We at CDR Redlands are asking for your help in making these families have a happy and bountiful Easter. We will be collecting items for Easter Baskets starting this week. Items in the basket include: bags of flour, sugar, dry milk, canned fruit, fruit juice, cooking oil, bag of potatoes, cheddar cheese soup (cans), boxes of Jell-o, roasting pans, and Stater Bros. gift cards. Also, any candies, treats, and holiday toys would be greatly appreciated. Please bring in these items by April 17th at 8 am!
  • April 27th: Run Through Redlands 
    • CrossFit CDR Redlands will be participating in Redlands’ 31st Annual Run Through Redlands, a community-building event that has brought together the its residents to celebrate health and fitness. We will be participating in the 5k race, and if you register now the cost is only $30.00. To sign-up click here, and remember to register under Team CDR!
  • May 4th: CDR-BQ
    • Summer is right around the corner, and that means a CDR-BQ! Two of our gracious 9 am-ers, Mayna and Jeff Barlow, have offered to host this party at their house at 2 pm. Everyone from the box is welcome, as well as any spouses, significant others, and kids! Feel free to bring any dishes and drinks that you would like to share! More details on directions will be posted soon!
  • May 10th: Hulda Crooks Park WOD!
    • It’s heating up, so it’s time to go outside and get some Vitamin D with our exercise! Every year we go to Hulda Crooks to test our physical fitness against the elements of hills, dirt, rocks, and…playground equipment! Sometimes it’s just nice to ditch the indoors for some good ol’ fashioned outdoor fun! The WOD will begin at 9 am, for directions click here.
  • May 23rd-25th: Regionals
    • Team CDR is going to Regionals for a third-consecutive time! Their performances in the Open has garnered them a top finish among Southern California’s elite boxes! Regionals will be at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, for directions click here. For hotels near the area, click here. For details on shirts, heat times, and schedule will be posted soon.
  • June 21st: Beach WOD
    • Once again we will be heading down to the Beach to get in some some, sand, and sweat! We are inviting everyone to join us for an original and fun wod on the Beach followed by food, drinks, volleyball, and good times. Beach location and times will be announced soon.


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