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Tracey Macdonald

Tracey Macdonald, Nutritionist

Nothing is more important to your well-being, health, and body composition than good nutrition. Eating the right foods helps you lose body fat, build and maintain muscle, and reach your athletic potential. Good nutrition is a critical part of any fitness routine. Many people believe that exercise if everything. Not so! Nutrition is actually responsible for about 80% of your results.

At CDR, we believe so strongly in the impact of nutrition, that we have a full time Food Coach available for our members. All new members receive a one-hour consult with our Food Coach to learn the foundations of good nutrition. From there, our Food Coach is available for one-on-one coaching, events, classes and our very popular challenges.

Our nutrition strategies are customized for individuals. After explaining the basics, our Food Coach will consider your lifestyle, needs, and goals when creating a nutrition plan. After all, everyone is different. Who would want to go to a doctor who treated every symptom the same? Everyone has different schedules, food preferences, and goals. What works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another. Our Food Coach designs realistic plans for individuals, and provides the support necessary to see you succeed!


HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS SOLD AT CDR! Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9_Fotor_Collage

Fit Food Co. is owned & operated by are very own CDR Nutritionist, Tracey MacDonald! Tracey started Fit Foods because she loves creating delicious and HEALTHLY food. Lifestyle, Paleo, RX Athelete, these are just a few of the Meal Plans Fit Foods offers. Getting started is easy. Choose your Meal Plan then receive healthy meals delivered to you the following week! Check out weekly Menu’s here: Fit Foods Co. CDR provides a stocked refrigerator of meals for members daily!


Tracey runs the nutrition programing here at Crossfit CDR, where she teaches new members about functional nutrition and how to make your diet work for you to fuel your workouts, be a better athlete and improve your health. She does both group and individual challenges to help people change their bodies and improve their health. Email Tracey today to get more details on nutrition:


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