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CDR has built a staff of full time, professional Coaches. Each of our Coaches first started as CDR members and demonstrated their dedication and special skills in coaching others. You’ll find that each of our Coaches brings their own unique personality and style to make sure that every member has the best experience possible.


Calvin Davis

One word can be used to describe Calvin: Focused. He coaches CDR members by encouraging them, pushing them to new levels, and holding them accountable. Calvin is one of the founding members of CrossFit CDR and he brings the acumen gained from his days of owning a trucking business. He was a football player in high school and a pole-vaulter in college. He loves lifting anything heavy while jamming to Metallica, Linkin Parkā€¦ or country music. Never let it be said that our coaches aren’t well rounded!



  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Mobility and Recovery
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Power Lifting
  • Alexander Method of SMW – Shoulder and Neck Mobility
  • CrossFit Kids
  • Endurance
“One of my favorite things is watching someone set a PR. The joy that person has because they just accomplished something. I share that with them.”







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