Jan 13th, 2019

Category: #CDR

Nothing tastes as good as being lean feels.

You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES, but you can’t have both.


We often times get stress in our life because we do not give ourselves permission to stop working. Stop working around the house or at your job. Let’s write down a schedule this week of when your duties are over and the days your are going to invest into your health and workout. Four days a week is the ideal phase to make progress. If you are looking to maintain, two days a week is just what you need.

Warm up: 3 Rounds of
45-Leg Lifts
Row 400
Lunge and Recover 115/75


Tuesday 20’s
Week 1
60% of 1 RM FS
AMRAP 20 min
8-Push Press 135/95
16-AIr Squat


3RM Sumo DL
4 Rounds for time
“Michael Camelo JR”
5- Clusters 135/95
20-Box Jumps 24/20
18-KBS 53/35


National Peanut Butter Day
Shred WOD
Min 1-10 cals
Min 2-10 Reverse lunge L leg
Min 3-10 cals
Min 4-10 R. lunge R leg
Min 5- Max SIt ups in minute


Rope climb
Run 200m
Thruster DB’s 50/35


Saturday, Jan-19-2019
Nat’l popcorn day


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