Saturday 1.4.13

Jan 4th, 2014

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Saturday 1.4.13

Did you know…

Cold and flu season are hitting some people at the box pretty hard, so here are some “unusual” remedies that might help you steer clear of getting a nasty infection!

  1. Listen to jazz: Research shows that listening jazz for 30 minutes boosts your level of an immune protein (IgA), which helps to fight infections.
  2. Put on a pair of cold socks: Wearing cold socks to bed mimics the immune-enchancing effects of hydrotherapy treatments.
  3. Break a (little) sweat: Moderate exercise can actually have an anti-inflammatory effect, however if you increase the intensity you could make yourself sicker!
  4. Eat some dark chocolate: Eating small amounts of very dark chocolate suppresses coughing activity.
  5. Chow down on a raw onion: Raw onions are antimicrobial and contain large amounts of sulfur that enhance detoxification and immune responsiveness.
  6. Shoot oysters: Oysters contain high amounts of zinc, which is responsible for white blood cell function in fighting bacteria and viruses.
  7. Drink coconut water: Hydration is key to battling a cold, and coconut water is a good source of electrolytes that are lost when we become dehydrated.

I hope everyone has stayed strong on the Samson Challenge! Only one more week!

Calvin rope

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